Development, Growth & Manufacturing consultancy

We specialise in finding new technology and product innovation that will drive growth in your business. 

Led by David Manby, we have an in-depth knowledge of how manufacturing works and 25 years of hands-on experience successfully turning ideas into a profitable reality.

What we do

Research & Development

Our company works to obtain new knowledge that we use to introduce new technology and products to British manufacturing. 

DGM vision

After working in the British Manufacturing sector since my apprenticeship, I have a passion for British Manufacturing and I'm using my final years to try and put something back for all the good things and experience I received!

Global tech

We look globally for innovative tools and machines that may be used in UK manufacturing to solve real-world problems.


We specialise in product innovation in the manufacturing sector. Technological innovations comprise new products and processes,
and significant technological advances of products and processes.